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Tethered Type 2



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  • EV off-peak charging capability means massive savings on energy bills (if you’re on the right tariff)
  • Buttons on the front allow you to set charging sessions (or Max Charge) without going into app
  • Ability to charge when there is more renewable energy on the grid


  • No solar capability
  • Design is a little bit ordinary

This is a smart, well put-together charger, and although it’s not the most stylish of chargers, the savings you will make on EV off-peak charging tariffs (Octopus Agile, Intelligent Octopus and Octopus Go, Ovo Anytime for example) make this an extremely attractive option. It also has the capability to charge when the grid is supplying the most sustainable energy sources – and the buttons on the front are useful if you don’t want to go into the app.

It’s not massively attractive when you compare it to other (more expensive) chargers, but it won’t blight your home and its simplicity is worth celebrating. We have had no reports of failures so it’s pretty robust and all the materials used are high quality. The blue display on the front separates it from the rest and the information displayed on it is clear and easy to understand.

Is it easy to use?
Absolutely. As it is for its sibling the ePod, the app works like a dream. There’s plenty of relevant information for you to scroll through, with multiple pages giving where you can check out your charging costs, setting charging sessions. The buttons on the front allow you also start, stop and pause charging, which is handy if you are in a rush. ‘Play’ starts a smart charging session, while holding it for three seconds will set it to Max Charge for instant charging. You can set how many miles you’d like to add within a target timeframe and it will do all that and charge at the cheapest rates and you can set the percentage of battery charge you would like (but most of the time you default to 80% battery capacity). You do have switch to EV-only tariffs to make the savings and they allow you to automatically charge your vehicle when electricity prices are low. Ohme chargers use live data from the grid to automatically reach the desired charge level within a schedule. The car is charged when electricity demand is lower and prices cheaper, while still meeting the desired charging goal.


What else do you need to know?
It’s an untethered device so you don’t need to faff around with all that plugging and unplugging marlarky and it’s what we might call a ‘green charger’ because it is able to charge your vehicle when there is more renewable energy in the grid. It’s only available as a 7.4kW unit (no three-phase option) and you’ll get a three-year standard warranty. Others do offer five years but you will benefit from great customer service from Ohme, and we have had nothing but great reports from Ohme owners with regards to whole installation process. It’s a step-by-step process where you’ll complete a home survey, complete with pictures of the location of the fusebox to establish the As is the norm, it has an in-built PEN fault device, so no need for an earth rod installation. It’s pre-wired for dynamic load balancing which will prevent the main fuse in your home from tripping when you are charging. The Home Pro doesn’t connect directly to your mobile and has its own SIM card to connect to the UK’s mobile data network, using either 3G and 4G.

It’s certainly not the cheapest and once you have shelled out for installation you will almost certainly bust the £1000 barrier, but…if you are on the right tariff, you’ll save a bunch of money on your electricity bill. Consider this. You can set the charge session at a maximum of 7.5p per KWh, which is fantastic, when you consider that you can pay up to 80 per KWh on a public charger. In some ways you’ll get your money back on the outlay on the energy savings you make in a matter of months.

  • Make sure you are on an EV-tariff that will give you the best savings
  • Installation is included and Ohme will take you through the process
  • Three-year warranty
  • Tethered model (fixed cable)
  • Type 2 connector
  • Power: 7kW (25 miles per hour)
  • Charge via mobile app or interactive buttons
  • Dimensions: 230mm (H) x 140mm (W) x 100 mm (D)
  • Connection: 3G/4G for easy and reliable charging
  • Over-the-air updates
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Home power balancing
  • In-built earthing
  • Compliant with new Smart Charger Regulations


There are three elements to this charger that make this a decent option. First up, it has dynamic tariff integration which means you’ll get access to cheapest rates if you are on Octopus Agile or Intelligent Octopus tariffs for example. It’s a great money saver, but also, you’ll feel like you are doing your bit for the planet because it incorporates ‘green charging,’ which prioritises the most renewable energy sources from the grid during a charging session. Then there are the three useful buttons on the front that allow you to start, stop or go to maximum charging without going into the app. Also, you can expect great customer service if you have any issues.

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