UK EV owners set to pay just £190 a year to run their cars with new OVO tariff

OVO Energy yesterday has slashed its Charge Anytime rates by 30% to 7p per kWh, so a UK EV driver covering an average of 7,000 miles a year will pay just £190 to charge their car charging over a 12-month period.


The new rate is equivalent to less than 3p per mile and this latest announcement comes after EDF and Pod Point unveiled an overnight EV charging tariff of 7.4/kWh.


Unlike this tariff however, OVO’s Charge Anytime rate is not restricted to certain periods of the day and instead allows EV drivers to access the 7p/kWh rate at any time of the day.


As What Wallcharger has detailed in its explainer video, these rates are four times cheaper than the standard tariff of 26p/kWh and almost ten times cheaper than some rapid public charger rates of 75p/kWh and the cost of fuelling a diesel of petrol vehicle.


“OVO’s bringing the UK’s cheapest EV charging rates to customers because we want to make green driving a no-brainer,” said Mat Moakes, chief commercial officer at OVO.


“The government may have delayed the ban on sales of petrol and diesel cars but with Charge Anytime making it 75% cheaper to run an EV than a petrol car, there’s never been a better time to make the switch.”

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