(Without Installation)





  • Dynamic tariff integration
  • Solar integration

Socket Type:

Type 2


7kW or 22kW

Charger Type:



  • Dynamic tariff integration means cheaper bills
  • Three charging modes give great flexibility
  • Solar integration
  • Pin code access allow you to share charge point with friends and family


Installation is not included in the price, so that will be extra


By simply looking at the ‘Cons’ box in this review you can see we are struggling to find fault with this homecharger. The EVIOS One ticks all the boxes: it’s well put together, the app is easy to use and the three-mode charging option makes it simple for you. You can give access to the charger to friends and family and you can control multiple chargers from one account (that’s if you are lucky enough to afford more than one charger for your home). The cable can be tidily wrapped around the unit and, importantly, it has dynamic tariff integration (giving you access to the best rates) and there’s solar integration too. It is an impressive unit.

It is smart and the blue cable is a nice touch. The colour screen on the front of the unit means you can see key information and it’s very easy on the eye. Again you can control the charger using the four-arrow button on the unit as well as on the app. It’s on the large side, but the fact that it’s designed so you wrap the cable around the unit is useful too. There are more ‘stylish’ chargers, but this is not its USP – the USP is that is does everything well.

Is it easy to use?
It’s right up there among the best, but we like three-mode charging functionality, which is easy to understand. The modes are Pure Value that ensures you get access to the cheapest off-peak tariffs. Then there’s the Pure Green mode that monitors output from any on-site electricity generation (such as solar panels) and uses that energy to charge your car and, lastly, Pure Speed, which does what it says on the tin: when you select this, it fires up the charger and charges at full speed regardless of the cost or energy source. Essentially, it’s the turbo button. Other chargers do this as well, but this is easy-to-grasp functionality and it works extremely well. The nicely designed app does all the things you should expect from a smart charger, allowing you to schedule charge times and stop when you need to. It also details charging history and allows you to download that history.


What else do you need to know?
The EVIOS One uses a Type 2 connector, which is compatible with the latest EVs, and it has surge protection to stop your fusebox shorting. There’s inbuilt PEN fault protection so no need for an earth rod. You can choose between a 7kW single-phase unit (which is standard for domestic use) with a five-metre cable or a 22kW three-phase unit with 7.5-metre cable. Standard installation is not included in the price, but you can arrange that with EVIOS and they’ll offer a walk-through process from start to finish. Customer service is reported to be excellent. The EVIOS has solar integration, which means you can take electricity generated from solar panels or other renewable energy sources in your home. It also connects to your devices and allows you to monitor your entire home energy use through its ‘eco system’ view. The functionality list goes on: you can set a pin code so you can lock it and give family or friends access if you want. You can also view individual charging history and download reports on who has charged and by how much. If you have multiple chargers, you can control them from one account and get live updates without the need to switch accounts. It comes with a smart hub that requires a wired connection to your WiFi router and it can be connected to Google Home and Amazon Alexa and other smart speakers using voice control. Lastly, the unit itself has a colour touchscreen, where you can view charging status.

Yes it is. The 7kW single-phase unit is £675 including VAT and that is very competitive. Installation is extra but if you consider that the average price of standard installation is circa £400, you are getting a lot of charger for your money. With dynamic tariff integration you also get access to the cheapest off-peak rates, therefore it’s not only affordable to buy, it’s cheap to run. It comes standard with a 5-metre cable and if you want a 7.5-metre cable, you’ll pay £720. Go for the three-phase 22kW unit with a standard 7.5-metre cable and you pay £870. It’s all very affordable whatever option you choose.

  • Three-year warranty
  • Installation can be arranged through EVIOS customer service
  • EVIOS One comes with a smart hub that requires a wired connection to your WiFi router
  • Up to 7kW on single-phase/22kW on three-phase
  • Three different modes to fully control your charging preferences
  • Large colour screen showing speed, miles and cost information
  • Tethered cable available in 5-metre or 7.5-metre lengths
  • Solar compatible
  • In-built PEN fault protection (no need for an earthing rod)
  • Intelligent energy tariff integration
  • Dimensions – 396mm x 221mm x 137mm
  • Three-year warranty
  • Fuse protection
  • WiFi Connectivity
  • Weatherproof rating IP44 (splashproof)


The EVIOS One is hard to beat. Solar integration, multiple user access, tariff integration, colour touchscreen and a usable app. It’s affordable, you can get walk-through installation and contactable customer service and it comes with a three-year warranty. It is a five-star offering that sets the benchmark for home chargers.

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