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  • Solar compatible
  • WiFi/Ethernet/4G compatible

Socket Type:

Type 2



Charger Type:



  • Solar compatible
  • TUV Certified (i.e highest standard of safety)
  • Interchangeable front panel that can be personalised


  • Customer service capability still expanding
  • No dynamic tariff choices

The Intelli EV EV7S II is definitely worth considering. It has a smart, stylish look and there’s plenty to shout about: solar compatibility, it meets highest quality standards (it’s TUV certified), you can use a RFID charge key and you can switch to public charging if need be. Added to that, you can interchange the front panel: you can either personalise or choose a selection of panels – piano black, wood finish, marble effect etc. If you want to go rogue, you can always stick a design on the panel to suit your personality.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to work out that this is a well-built unit with strong, quality materials that will stand the test of time. The interchangeable fascias that protect the front cover of the unit mean that you can always keep it fresh, and you can order from a selection to zoosh up the unit every now and then. The TUV Certification gives assurance that this is a safe, robust unit and, with the anti-tamper and 2023 Compliant status, it all tells you that everything has been done to ensure this unit will stand the test of time: you’ll be extremely unlucky if the hardware fails during the course of its lifetime.

The EV 7S II uses Monta software, which boasts ‘market leading’ software, that works, predictably, through an app on your phone, tablet or PC. That’s a bold claim and although it is true that it does the basics well: you can monitor your costs, set charging percentages, times and price and also check your charging history, it’s not quite as advanced as others. It doesn’t offer dynamic charging, however, so it won’t select the cheapest EV tariff for you, it’ll just charge according to your instructions and charge either at off-peak (at night) or you can override and charge at the standard day rate if you need to. In that respect, it’s not hugely intelligent and you will get better savings on your bills with other chargers that choose the best EV tariffs for you. It has an RFID card with a QR code, which is essentially a security that allows you to start charging when you tap on the charger and you can set it up so that friends, family and employees can use it. It’s pretty flexible in that respect.

Absolutely. The price on the Intelli EV website is advertised at £599 including VAT, which is certainly competitive. If you consider that fitting might, on average, set you back around £400, it does duck under the £1000 mark, which is standard for a respectable wall-charger in this range. Considering the stylish design, you certainly get a lot of bang for your buck.

  • WiFi/Ethernet/4G compatible
  • Dynamic load-balancing, so it won’t blow your fusebox
  • Built-in pen fault detection means no need for earth rod installation
  • Three-year warranty
  • 7.4KW single-phase
  • Three-year warranty
  • Finished in carbon fibre and piano black
  • Interchangeable faces
  • WiFi/Ethernet/4G compatible
  • Dynamic load-balancing
  • TUV Certifed
  • Solar integration as standard
  • 2023 Regulation compliant
  • OZEV Government Grant approved
  • PEN/Surge protection
  • RFID charge keys


This is a good no-nonsense charger that is robust and will stand the test of time. The interchangeable front panel is fun, which means you can adjust the look, and the fact that it has solar compatibility will be really attractive to those looking to make the switch to renewable energies. It doesn’t have the capability to find the best tariffs, but it does the basics well in terms of the app functionality: essentially it’s easy to use and navigate.

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